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We finally made it! The Quepos anchorage, Oleada in the background.

Sailing to Your Wedding …and other ill-advised feats

You may have noticed the quiet state of this blog for the past few months. This is not because a meditative calm has pervaded throughout the Pacific, or because we have stopped sailing and settled down in the mango-laden mountains of Central America, or even because we have found the perfect wave for Josh.   […]

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Beautiful, no? Mike and Nia sailing Azul in Bahía de Los Ángeles.

Seekers of the Sea

Something happened to us in Bahía de Los Ángeles that may never happen to us for the rest of our sailing trip: we were briefly part of a tribe of young sailors. So what are they like, these young people who turn to the sea? We hoped that our friend Scott, the young singlehander aboard […]

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Syrinx sails.

A Boat (Owner’s) Life

The saying goes that the two best days of a boat owner’s life are the day of purchase and the day it’s sold. Over the past nine months, Josh’s incredible wooden cutter, Syrinx, sat patiently in the Berkeley marina while Josh and I sailed Far to Mexico and lived aboard in warmer waters. Before I […]

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A rainbow over my shoulder sends us into the night on our sail away from San Juanico, the best wave I have ever surfed.

The End of the Beginning – What I’ve Learned

We made it to La Paz. Three months ago. I’m a little behind on the blog. So I shall catch you up with the most painful/glorious moments. As soon as darkness fell on our sail out of San Juanico, the autopilot broke. The autopilot allows us to steer the boat electronically by setting a heading, […]

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Uh, hey guys? It’s HOT.

Sea dawg reporting to you from what appears to be our new home in La Paz, Mexico. And I would like to start by saying that it’s HOT here in Mexico. The nice winter coat I was working on in Berkeley? NOT useful here. We spent five whole days in the truck to get here, […]

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All that running around in the boatyard is exhausting, can someone else take the helm for a bit?

Back in the water again

Well, not much has changed in the life of this sea dawg in the past week, but there has been a flurry of activity for the humans and I have a new boat on which I keep watch. Lady and Man have been spending endless time in the back of the boatyard, but this is […]

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It may not look like, but I'm on watch.

I’m Ulysses, the sea dawg

  Hey everyone. My mom is busy trying to finish up everything on that big boat in the yard with all the good stuff to chew on, and she sits at the computer a lot too, talking about some place called Africa and their energy, so I’m going to take over for her for a […]

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