The Mission

First, this video gets at the heart of what we do, and why:



Climate change impacts coastal communities around the world. These hazards from a warming globe can be erosion, inundation, storm surge, or salt water in freshwater aquifers. Islands are going underwater and people are losing their homes. The ocean waters are warming and species are disappearing.

But what are people doing about it? And what changes–and solutions–are happening in the Western hemisphere just south of the border? What do we have to learn from small communities and islands that could help towns and cities on coasts throughout the world?

In a 39-foot sailboat, we travel to communities throughout Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, to study adaptation to (climate) change through the lens of both science and story. By traveling under sail, we connect with the natural cycles of the sea and gain access to remote areas. We share the coastal challenge of living by the whims of the water and we are subject to the same conditions as the people who rely on the ocean for sustenance, both physical and spiritual.

Are solutions linked to cultural heritage? Collaborative economies? Supportive or restrictive governments? Physical wellness? Environmental restoration? Happiness from pets? The stories and the ocean seascape will reveal what the data cannot tell.

We hope to discover and share innovative solutions emerging from grassroots collaborations throughout the region, and we hope to learn the different combinations that can open the lock of transferability for other communities in the Americas and throughout the world.

We are able to undertake this mission with a fellowship from the Institute of Current World Affairs.



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