I’m Ulysses, the sea dawg


Hey everyone. Welcome to my boat.

Welcome to my boat.

Hey everyone. My mom is busy trying to finish up everything on that big boat in the yard with all the good stuff to chew on, and she sits at the computer a lot too, talking about some place called Africa and their energy, so I’m going to take over for her for a little while.

I’m Ulysses. I used to run around in the Central Valley and I had to look really hard for food, so somehow I got this infection my mom says is fungal and it made me cough a lot when she first picked me up. But as soon as we were together, lady and me, she took me to a few offices and they figured out my problem. Also, she took me to our home on the water, which is way, way more fun than the offices.

I am now a sea dawg.

Yup. That's me, on the foredeck. Or whatever it's called.

Yup. That’s me on the foredeck, examining the jib. Or whatever it’s called. I just do my job.

Being a sea dawg is pretty adventurous. For example, Man goes and shows kids all about boats all day and sometimes I get to go. When I don’t get to go, I sit mournfully on the boat and whimper a little. I mean, I’m still a little scared of the kids, but I love chasing all the tennis balls they throw at eachother’s sailboats.

Bow watch is what I do.

Bow watch is what I do at sailing camp.

I’m pretty salty already, even though I have only been with my family for a few months. I oversee operations at the Berkeley Marine Center, and they pay me in treats in the office. I also eat all the fish guts I can find in the parking lot (it’s hard to get out of the habit of scavenging, plus it’s so fun! Except when lady gives me a hard time for being out of the boatyard.)

It's ruff being supervisor, but somebody has to keep these humans in line.

It’s ruff being supervisor, but somebody has to keep these humans in line.

Sometimes we take our home and go sailing. I like to feel the breeze in my ears. There’s water all around us and I keep an eye out for birds and porpoises. The home leans over a lot sometimes, and man says words like “highside” and I pretend I’m not scared and that I know what he’s talking about, but really I just like following him around in the cockpit and staying extra close.

See, I just help out at the helm.

See, I just help out at the helm.

It may not look like, but I'm on watch.

It may not look like it, but I’m on watch.

Lady and man talk about a place called “Mexico.” I guess we’re going there soon and that’s why I get to play around in the boatyard and supervise. I’m working on my bow watching skills for the trip. Until then, I will continue to keep an eye on the water and charm all passing sailors, no matter how crusty.

Even Redbeard couldn't resist. My work here is complete.

Even Redbeard couldn’t resist. My work here is complete.

Ulysses the sea dawg, over and out for now.

I'll be on watch, don't worry.

I’ll be on watch, don’t worry.

3 Responses to I’m Ulysses, the sea dawg

  1. Katja Wichland July 30, 2014 at 1:07 pm #

    So cute Jess!!! I love!!!!! Lady and Man — you funny!! 🙂

  2. Delphine Robert and Güero December 11, 2015 at 12:57 pm #

    Love the entries from Uly’s point of view. Güero has written a few blogs too. Maybe they can exchange writing tips.

    • Jess December 15, 2015 at 10:13 am #

      Thanks Delphine! I’ve got to get him to the keyboard again 🙂

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