Our mission is generously supported by the Institute of Current World Affairs.

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ICWA provides individuals with two years of funding for an immersive study of a region and a topic. ICWA Fellows write a monthly long-form “newsletter” about their experiences; if you are interested in reading mine you can find most of them here.

When I finally had the nerve and enough of a plan to tell my academic advisor, Dan Kammen, about my idea to conduct research under sail, his response was, “Well, then we have to find you a boat.” Because of Dan, I have had the privilege to be involved with the Fulbright NEXUS Scholars for the past three years, an experience that has deeply shaped my academic pursuits and research–and provided me with amazing mentors and friends. He also was the person who told me about ICWA, and this unusual organization has been an ideal supporter for the mission.

The Fulbright NEXUS meeting in Medellin, Colombia, with Diego Barido, Rebekah Shirley, and Dan Kammen.

The Fulbright NEXUS meeting in Medellin, Colombia, with Diego Ponce de Leon Barido, Rebekah Shirley, and Dan Kammen, all three of whom have supported me in my research path.

I was previously funded with a Garcia-Robles Fulbright fellowship in Mexico. This fellowship introduced me to incredible, creative scholars, on whom I still rely for ideas and support.

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In addition, I have received funding from the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley, and support from John Harte, who gave me two excellent teaching jobs at Berkeley.

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And, of course, thanks to my amazing mother, Janice Reilly, who always supports my ideas, even when it means I can only send her texts from a satellite phone for weeks at a time.

The best sense of humor ever, even in the rain!

My two biggest supporters, Josh and Mom, have the best sense of humor ever, even when I make them go to the beach in the freezing rain!

If you have further ideas for funding or sponsorship, or you or your organization would like to support Sailing for Climate, please be in touch!

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