The Route



On January 14, 2015, Josh sailed out of Berkeley, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and into the big blue. He traveled carefully down the California coast (rounding Point Conception at night), and I met him in San Diego to depart for Mexico one month later. We continued our sail down the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula, stopping in some very rural and remote villages, and we rounded the cape on March 9th. We sailed up the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez, collecting stories and experience, and in November we hopped across the Sea via Isla Tiburon and are now making our way down the mainland. The blue line shows our anticipated route for the next two years with support from the Institute of Current World Affairs–and it is by no means exact or set in stone. In fact, with funding and support, we may adventure south of the equator. (I mean, we just installed a heater, so…)

Do you live in or know any of these coasts? We are open to suggestions of communities to visit, and this map only functions as a general idea. Let us know where you think we should go!

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